Executive Committee


The Executive Committee ensures that RQSPAL’s members share and partake in its vision. It makes sure the RQSPAL achieves its goals by tracking numerous performance indicators included in the strategic action plan. It is also in charge of the financial monitoring of its activities and follows up on the optimal use of the budget. The Executive Committee produces an annual report that is submitted for approval to members during the General Assembly. This report is also submitted to the relevant authorities for the rendering of accounts. This committee must make sure that the Chart of the RQSPAL is respected.


The Executive Committee consists of the RQSPAL director (non-voting), the coordinator (non-voting), one Student Committee member and four to six regular members, preferably representing different universities. The members of the Executive Committee are:

Le RQSPAL est soutenu financièrement par le Fonds de recherche du Québec-Santé.