Knowledge Development Committee

The Knowledge Development Subcommittee is tasked with implementing activities aimed at knowledge development for and by student members of the network. Its objectives include creating safe spaces where student members can enhance their knowledge and/or skills by organizing instructive activities aligned with the interests of the student community within the network. For example, by organizing a scientific article reading club authored by student members, this subcommittee has promoted their publication work and facilitated fruitful exchanges among students, researchers, and clinicians regarding future research directions in palliative care. Please note that all events are in French.

Student Committee Conferences at RQSPAL

Midday Chat (on hiatus and only in French)

The scientific reading club for student members of RQSPAL is a bi-monthly gathering to explore recent contributions from network student members to literature on palliative care topics. 

 To join the club, simply:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the scientific article proposed for the midday chat; 
  2. Enjoy your lunch while attending the brief presentation of the scientific article by its author;
  3. Engage in reflection on the writing context and article results in light of comments, reflections, and questions posed by the Journal Club facilitators;
  4. Share your thoughts on the article, presentation, and discussion if you feel inclined!

Click on the links below to access posters from Midday Chats organized by the Student Committee.

Le RQSPAL est soutenu financièrement par le Fonds de recherche du Québec-Santé.