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Please note that the monthly scientific presentations are available in French only.

All our conferences and most of our scientific activities are available exclusively online via Zoom Webinar, with few exceptions.

The conferences are designed for the scientific, academic, and professional communities, as well as anyone interested in the broad topic of palliative and end-of-life care. Most of the content is accessible to individuals outside the medical field.

Each conference concludes with a discussion and Q&A session. They are held from September to June. You can also view the 2023-24 schedule.

Please note that registration on Zoom is mandatory but free to attend the conferences. After registering, you will receive the webinar link by email, along with the option to add the conference to your web calendar.

You can learn more about our next conference on this page (only in French).

All our conferences are available for later viewing, unless otherwise specified, on our YouTube channel.

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