Our committees

The RQSPAL has set up four committees to ensure a successful outcome in high quality scientific production and to obtain tangible fallout within the community:

  • Executive Committee: To make sure the RQSPAL reaches its objectives/deliberables by monitoring indicators of the stragic action plan.
  • Advisory Committee: Advise the Executive Commitee on the main research orientations to pursue and to prioritize about the challenges of the SPFV and take an external look at the governance processes and orientations of the RQSPAL.
  • Scientific Committee: To identify the research priorities of the RQSPAL.
  • Student Committee: To provide a stimulating student and learning environment and to provide surrounding to all students within the network.

Each committee has a different mandate.


Le RQSPAL est soutenu financièrement par le Fonds de recherche du Québec-Santé.